The Benevolent Deception

TheBenevolentDeception-Aug2017-350x560The U.S. government has been hacked . . .

Cyberterrorists secretly control the world’s intelligence agencies . . .

All published news is manipulated by a single unidentified source . . .

All over the world, misinformation and confusion reign . . .

Afghanistan: the U.S. President is assassinated when insurgents shoot down Air Force One. So why are reputable media outlets reporting him as alive and well, and active in office?

Colombia: U.S. Rangers are systematically destroying all the illicit drug crops. So why are they targeted by missile strikes from their own side?

Nigeria: the war between corporations and militants escalates in an all-out effort to control global oil supplies. So why are there no weapons anywhere to arm either side?

Thrust into the midst of this worldwide chaos is security contractor and former intelligence officer, Simon Ashcroft, sent to East Africa to protect Casey Irvine, a tourist with a secret that will change everything.

When terrorists, criminal organizations, police and military forces will stop at nothing to eliminate Casey, she and Simon go on the run. Yet their enemies seem able to predict their every move, and every minute becomes a battle for survival.

The game is changing, but the world has yet to notice.

“A complex and twisting plot that never fails to thrill.”Rob Sinclair, author of the James Ryker and Enemy series

Combining techno-thriller conspiracies that rival those of Michael Crichton, Matthew Mather and Daniel Suarez, with the fist-pumping, action adventure pace of Vince Flynn, Matthew Reilly and Andy McDermott, THE BENEVOLENT DECEPTION is a fast-paced, globe-trotting spy thriller which boasts breath-taking settings, cinematic action and an impressive cast of diverse and multi-layered characters.

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