Read my Interview with Brian Drake

Brian Drake was kind enough to interview me on his blog where he regularly chats with thriller action espionage authors and reviews their books. In the interview we talk about: My experiences in Africa and how they translate into my books Details on a new series I'm writing next Details on the new Caine Rapid … Continue reading Read my Interview with Brian Drake

Thrilling Locations: The Assyrian Contraband

The Assyrian Contraband was written as a short introduction to the hero of The Benevolent Deception, Simon Ashcroft. Its early life was as a James Bond novella set in the 1950s, but I changed it to suit Ashcroft and the modern era. The story is set in the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean and … Continue reading Thrilling Locations: The Assyrian Contraband

Two new 30 second Book Trailers

After I created the Who is Simon Ashcroft? series overview trailer, I thought I'd do the same for each book. Here are the trailers, 30 seconds so they are short and fast. I hope you enjoy them.  

New Book Trailer for Simon Ashcroft Now that I'm on Christmas break holidays, between working on the sequel to The Benevolent Deception, I've created a new book trailer for my Simon Ashcroft series. The aim was to keep this one short and sweet, in alignment with the new branding for the series. I also arranged it so the words and … Continue reading New Book Trailer for Simon Ashcroft

The Benevolent Deception on sales 99c/99p

For anyone who hasn't yet picked up my espionage technothriller novel, The Benevolent Deception, it is on sale for 99c/99p. For a short time you can grab the novel from Amazon at these sites at this low price: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon Canada It is also available to read for free on … Continue reading The Benevolent Deception on sales 99c/99p

The Assyrian Contraband Released in Print Format

On publishing news, The Assyrian Contraband is now available in print format at Amazon US and Amazon UK. I had been considering saving up my novellas until I was ready to print three or more of them in an anthology, and I still might, but I also thought there was no harm in getting them out in physical copies at the same time they are released digitally.

New Book Covers and an Update on The Benevolent Conflict

Today I released new covers for The Benevolent Deception and The Assyrian Contraband, which led me to overhaul other aspects of my marketing. This included updates to the back cover blurbs for the books and my website content. I certainly feel the covers bring a fresh look and better align with the techno-thriller, espionage and … Continue reading New Book Covers and an Update on The Benevolent Conflict