Thrilling Locations: Blood Ivory

Blood Ivory is a story from Simon Ashcroft's past when he was a counter-terrorism intelligence officer with the Australian Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS). He's on a mission in northern Tanzania hunting the financiers of a South East Asian terrorist organisation. Investigations lead him to the some of the richest wildlife reserves found anywhere on the … Continue reading Thrilling Locations: Blood Ivory

Sandfire Book Trailer

SANDFIRE is only a few days away from release now, out on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited 22nd May. I'm excited about it's imminent release so I thought I'd share a book trailer fellow author Andrew Warren and I created for our Caine: Rapid Fire espionage thriller adventure. 

Rapid Fire Action: An Interview with Andrew Warren

In the lead up to the release of Sandfire, I thought I’d interview my co-author Andrew Warren who created the intriguing character of Thomas Caine and made him the cool CIA operative he is today. It was a great experience working with Andrew on this Caine origins story.  So I decided to ask him some questions on why he decided to explore Caine’s past with a series of standalone adventures.

The Assyrian Contraband Released in Print Format

On publishing news, The Assyrian Contraband is now available in print format at Amazon US and Amazon UK. I had been considering saving up my novellas until I was ready to print three or more of them in an anthology, and I still might, but I also thought there was no harm in getting them out in physical copies at the same time they are released digitally.

First Seven Chapters of The Benevolent Deception available as audio files

Listen to the first seven chapters of The Benevolent Deception as audio files, also available on YouTube or my Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) pages.

Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After learning in advance that Han Solo died on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and that Kylo Ren was Hans’ son, I worked hard not to discover anything about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story until I saw it. Thankfully I did and it made the film the better for it. The verdict? I really … Continue reading Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story