See what people are saying about Aiden L Bailey and his Benevolent Series.

US Today Best Selling Author

“The Benevolent Deception features far-flung locations that are brimming with authenticity, centered around a complex and twisting plot that never fails to thrill.” – Rob Sinclair

Rob Sinclair

Andrew Warren, author of the Thomas Caine series

“Aiden L. Bailey’s debut spy thriller is mind-bending, genre-breaking, cliche-twisting . . . call it whatever you like, just read it! The prose moves along at just the right pace, seasoning the building conspiracy with moments of thrilling action, and the breathtaking beauty of some incredible settings. Africa, Columbia, Afghanistan . . . The story takes you on a journey, deeper and deeper into a the shadows of mystery, until you finally look up and ask “What the heck is going on here?!?” – Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren