The Assyrian Contraband

A radical terrorist. A remote tropical island. One man risks it all to save two sisters from the worst kind of death…

Former counter-terrorism agent Simon Ashcroft thought he’d left the violent world of insurgency behind him. But when a young woman is kidnapped, Ashcroft is tasked to rescue her.

A trail of clues leads Ashcroft and the woman’s distressed sister to a remote tropical island. They quickly confront an army of murderous thugs and a bloody trail of bodies. The rescue mission is anything but straightforward, and Ashcroft realizes there is more to this mystery than a simple kidnapping.

When the enemy reveals himself, he is everything Ashcroft expects and worse. A ruthless financier of global terrorism, willing to destroy anyone threatening his illicit cash pipeline funding the world’s cruelest ideology, the Islamic State.

Kidnapping was only ever the beginning.

Praise for Aiden L Bailey…

“Never fails to thrill.” – Rob Sinclair, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

“Mr. Bailey’s plots are layered and complex, but like all great writers, he makes it seem effortless.” – Andrew Warren, author of the Thomas Caine series

“Simon Ashcroft is a great tough guy character.” – Todd Simpson, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

The Assyrian Contraband is a pulse-pounding action thriller, bursting with non-stop action, thrilling locations, and twists you won’t see coming. Fans of Vince Flynn, Mark Dawson, and Rob Sinclair won’t want to miss this novella in the Simon Ashcroft series.

Read The Assyrian Contraband today, and dive into the dangerous world of brutal terrorism. Buy your copy now!

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