Blood Ivory

A ruthless syndicate of ivory smugglers. A mercenary with a blood vendetta. How many elephants can one man save?

Counter-terrorism officer Simon Ashcroft thought he’d seen it all, until he witnesses the bloody massacre of a herd of elephants. He becomes compelled to fight those responsible and bring them swift justice.

Yet Ashcroft’s original mission brief is simple: don’t get involved. Uncover the link between ivory smugglers and Islamic insurgents and nothing more. But Ashcroft is far from his spy masters and they’ve trained him to operate independently. That is exactly what he will do to save as many elephants as he can.

Unexpectedly another obstacle crosses Ashcroft’s path, mercenary Jack Orszak, who serves his own brand of brutal justice against the poachers. He doesn’t care for Ashcroft’s mission or the chaos he unleashes.

Who is Orszak really, and should Ashcroft trust him? And in the vicious battlefields of Africa’s Ivory Wars, when does doing what is right become more important than the mission?

Praise for Aiden L Bailey…

“Never fails to thrill.” – Rob Sinclair, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

“Mr. Bailey’s plots are layered and complex, but like all great writers, he makes it seem effortless.” – Andrew Warren, author of the Thomas Caine series

“Simon Ashcroft is a great tough guy character.” – Todd Simpson, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

Bloody Ivory is a pulse-pounding action thriller, bursting with non-stop action, thrilling locations, and twists you won’t see coming. Fans of Vince Flynn, Mark Dawson, and Rob Sinclair won’t want to miss the latest novella in the Simon Ashcroft series.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | KOBO

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