New Book Covers and an Update on The Benevolent Conflict

Today I released new covers for The Benevolent Deception and The Assyrian Contraband, which led me to overhaul other aspects of my marketing. This included updates to the back cover blurbs for the books and my website content. I certainly feel the covers bring a fresh look and better align with the techno-thriller, espionage and [...]


Aiden L Bailey interviewed at The Woman’s Cave’s Books & Company show

"When you think action movie, thriller book, think new indie author Aiden L Bailey, because he delivers. Join Books & Company host Tara Woods Turner and Aiden for a whirlwind around the world jaunt of excitement." Originally release on The Woman's Cave hosted by Jane and Wilnona, this is the first of two interviews I'll [...]

Video Interview with Aiden L Bailey

Here is a video interview I did a few months back but it was decided that it should be held off until I released my latest book, The Assyrian Contraband, before releasing it. I hope you enjoy, and maybe you'll discover a thing or two about me that you didn't know, and gain some insights [...]

Thrilling Locations: The Benevolent Deception (Part 1)

Inspired by Andrew Warren’s similar series of posts (parts 1, 2 and 3) for his Thomas Caine series and with a nod to Ian Fleming, I thought I’d do my own version of Thrilling Locations covering the many exotic global destinations visited in my novel, The Benevolent Deception. The novel commences in West and East [...]

What is The Benevolent Deception?

When I told my wife and a few close friends about the idea behind my novel, The Benevolent Deception, they liked it so much they all told me to stop writing everything else I was working on, and write this book. Eighteen months later my global espionage thriller novel was finished and released. Here is [...]

First Seven Chapters of The Benevolent Deception available as audio files

Listen to the first seven chapters of The Benevolent Deception as audio files, also available on YouTube or my Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) pages.

The Benevolent Deception in Print

For all of you who have been asking for a paperback copy of The Benevolent Deception, it is now available on Amazon in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and a few other EU countries. The 135,000 word book comes in at 520 pages in a 5” x 8” format. I’ve also included Amazon’s Kindle Matchbox [...]

Pursuit across Africa, new video diary

Hello, my name is Aiden L Bailey. I’m the author of the new adventure espionage novel, The Benevolent Deception. Welcome to my first video journal where I talk about some of the influences of the book and how I came to write it. Today I’m talking about my experiences in Kenya where most of [...]

Field Intelligence, first newsletter of Aiden L Bailey released

“The NSA is under siege. The Pentagon is hacked and the same cyberterrorists control all White House communications. Are we the only three who have noticed this?” - The Benevolent Deception My first newsletter is out and includes exclusive access to a new video on how my real-life experiences in Kenya influenced many of the [...]

First newsletter released soon

My first newsletter will be released soon and includes: Links to a new video on how my real-life experiences in Kenya influenced many of the scenes in The Benevolent Deception Links to an article I had published on the ABC Updates on the sequel novel The Benevolent Conflict News on the forthcoming print version of The [...]