Coming soon, a new prequel novella to The Benevolent Deception

"The rope was tied to the bindings around Simon’s wrists. He resisted, but the earlier electric shocks had weakened him, and the two thugs restraining him had muscles of steel. Alfaqri singled the dingy. They started the engine and sped off across the ocean. Simon watched in horror as the rope coiled away, went taunt, [...]


First Seven Chapters of The Benevolent Deception available as audio files

Listen to the first seven chapters of The Benevolent Deception as audio files, also available on YouTube or my Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) pages.

The Benevolent Deception book trailer made like a movie trailer When I was planning how to promote my novel, The Benevolent Deception, I decided to create a book trailer. The finished product runs for one minute only, so doesn’t take up much time to watch. But a minute is fast, and you can’t get much information across in 60 seconds. Most book trailers are - let’s face it - [...]