The Benevolent Deception 99c/99p for 5 days only

For the next 5 days, The Benevolent Deception is on sale for 99c/99p in the United States, the United Kingdom, and equivalent sale prices in Australia, Canada, India, Germany and everywhere else Amazon sells Kindle books. The book remains available to read for free as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

The Benevolent Deception

A former spy must protect the one woman who might just unlock the truth behind the world’s worst cyberterrorism attack . . .

Former intelligence officer and counter-terrorism expert, Simon Ashcroft, once believed he made a difference defending the people of the war-torn, polluted oil fields of West Africa, but not anymore. When a botched security operation kills an oil executive on his watch, Ashcroft suspects his career is over. Instead he’s offered an alternative mission: protect Casey Irvine, a tourist on safari in Kenya.

But Kenya is nothing that Ashcroft expects it to be, and far deadlier than he was led to believe. First wildlife poachers, then the police and even the military will stop at nothing to assassinate Casey, and she has no idea why.

As Ashcroft and Casey are pursued across the savannas of East Africa, Ashcroft soon realizes they are embroiled in a global conspiracy that threatens the lives of millions of people. Unseen cyberterrorists have hacked all the information networks unleashing a new and frighteningly unexpected technology, the ‘Benevolent Program’ enabling them to impersonate the U.S. President, control global arms supplies, direct military forces and manipulate all trusted media sources.

But who is behind these cyber-attacks causing the world to fall apart, and why is Casey central to this conspiracy?

The chase is on, as Ashcroft battles to keep Casey alive and their movements off the grid, until they can expose the real perpetrators behind the Benevolent Deception.

If you enjoyed The Assyrian Contraband or The Benevolent Deception, would you please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads? I would truly honored if you did, and it can be as short as you like, even just a line or two. I read every review and I appreciate them all.

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