The Assyrian Contraband Released in Print Format

TheAssyrianContraband-Oct2017-350x560On publishing news, The Assyrian Contraband is now available in print format at Amazon US and Amazon UK. I had been considering saving up my novellas until I was ready to print three or more in an anthology, and I still might, but I also thought there was no harm in getting them out in physical copies at the same time they are released digitally.

As for the Kindle or PDF ebook version of The Assyrian Contraband, well you can read that for FREE just by signing up to my mailing list. An email is all I need from you, no other identifiers required, for 70 pages of non-stop action and adventure on a tropical but toxic island off the coast of East Africa, featuring Simon Ashcroft from The Benevolent Deception.

What Amazon readers have been saying about The Assyrian Contraband:

“Highly recommended for fans of action-packed spy thrillers and fast moving plot twists from the likes of Clancy, Flynn and Thor!”
“While I love books by Tom Clancy and John Grisham, I think Aiden is in their league or better. I actually get more excited about reading his books now than theirs.”
“The action is gripping and the twists are totally unpredictable. So excited to wait for the next one so I can see where Bailey takes Ashcroft to next!”
“The Author certainly know how to write attention grabbing Action Thrillers, that are both Interesting and entertaining.”

You can also read my novella on Kindle from Amazon in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and all other Amazon sites.

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