Thrilling Locations: The Benevolent Deception (Part 2)

When I wrote The Benevolent Deception, I knew I was creating a fictional conspiracy that if ever came into existence in the real world, would have profound impacts everywhere. To do the story justice I knew I must write a global novel covering as many regions, economies, cultures and geographies as I could, simply to … Continue reading Thrilling Locations: The Benevolent Deception (Part 2)

The Assyrian Contraband Released in Print Format

On publishing news, The Assyrian Contraband is now available in print format at Amazon US and Amazon UK. I had been considering saving up my novellas until I was ready to print three or more of them in an anthology, and I still might, but I also thought there was no harm in getting them out in physical copies at the same time they are released digitally.