Coming soon, a new prequel novella to The Benevolent Deception

“The rope was tied to the bindings around Simon’s wrists. He resisted, but the earlier electric shocks had weakened him, and the two thugs restraining him had muscles of steel.

Alfaqri singled the dingy. They started the engine and sped off across the ocean.

Simon watched in horror as the rope coiled away, went taunt, and then he was ripped from the deck of the Spinecutter and pulled into the ocean.

He hit the water fast and went under, his hands out in front, his legs dragging behind. He turned on his back, pushed his head above the churning sea and sucked a lungful of air.

Then he bounced against a grey leathery shape dragging through the water alongside him.

They bounced again, and it thrashed.

Simon momentarily froze with fear. He had collided with the bull shark.

They were both being dragged through the ocean currents.”


Coming soon from Aiden L Bailey, a prequel novella to The Benevolent Deception . . .

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