The Benevolent Deception book trailer made like a movie trailer

When I was planning how to promote my novel, The Benevolent Deception, I decided to create a book trailer. The finished product runs for one minute only, so doesn’t take up much time to watch. But a minute is fast, and you can’t get much information across in 60 seconds.

Most book trailers are – let’s face it – terrible, so I thought if I’m going to put one together, I better make it good. So my first step was watching movie trailers like SPECTRE, Skyfall, Jason Bourne and other spy movies for inspiration, and something to aim for.

Then I put my graphic design skills to the test and created animated sequences in Microsoft PowerPoint incorporating key taglines for the novel as if it were a movie. Then I interspersed the animated sequences with stock videos I purchased online that matched scenes in the novel. Lastly I overlay a royalty free music track with a thumping beat and a cool track. And I didn’t have to spend a fortune creating it.

So watch it and see what you think.  

booktrailer-surveillance booktrailer-title booktrailer-casey booktrailer-amazon

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