Unconfirmed Reports Air Force One Shot down by Afghan Insurgents

First Headline (Advertorial) Asia KABUL, Afghanistan — Unconfirmed reports from Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, report Air Force One was shot down in the early morning local time, by Afghan insurgents hidden just outside the perimeter of the U.S. controlled base. It is uncertain if the U.S. President was on board at the time, however, many officials [...]


95% reduction in illicit drug production in Latin America

First Headline South America SPRINGFIELD, Virginia, United States — In a joint press release, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) today announced a new operational intelligence program that has identified — and sub sequentially led to — the destruction of up to 95% of all illicit drug production facilities in [...]

Significant reduction in arms trade across Africa

First Headline (Advertorial) Africa LAGOS, Nigeria — Despite escalating conflicts and insurgent activities in many sub-Saharan African nations, and the associated demand for arms sales these conflicts drive, the last 6 months has seen a significant drops in availability of weapons for sale across the continent. The accessibility of both illegal and legal arms dropped [...]

Five Killed in Safari Massacre in Northern Kenya

First Headline (Advertorial) Africa NAIROBI, Kenya — Three Americans, one Australian and one New Zealander have been shot dead by poachers in an unprovoked attack at a safari camp in the Samburu National Reserve, approximately 300km north of Nairobi in northern Kenya. One American tourist disappeared during the altercation and her whereabouts is still unknown. [...]