The Benevolent Deception


The Benevolent Series, Book 1

In the frozen deserts of Afghanistan Air Force One is shot down by insurgents. The U.S. President is discovered dead, the victim of a successful assassination.

Or is he?

TheBenevolentDeception-AidenLBailey-SmallThis is a question for the sole surviving, on-site Secret Service Agent, Peri Keser, as she surveys the crash site minutes before watching a live broadcast from Air Force One, supposedly en route to Europe. Yet convincing her superiors that the Head of State is an impostor soon becomes an impossibility for Keser, as trusted global media sources continue to report the President not only alive and well, but active in office.

Half a world away in the polluted oil fields of West Africa, security contractor and former intelligence officer, Simon Ashcroft, is sent to protect Casey Irvine, a tourist with a secret that will change everything.

When terrorists, criminal organizations, police and military forces from various countries will stop at nothing to eliminate Casey, she and Simon go on the run. Yet their enemies are able to predict their every move, and every minute becomes a battle for survival.

The game is changing, but the world has yet to notice.

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